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Partial Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on January 5th-6th and Readings for this Waxing Cycle!

Let's refresh our memory on Eclipse seasons! Our last Eclipse cycle was in August and this month, we are closing out the previous 5-6 months of energy! Solar Eclipses represent new beginnings and today's energy will launch the next 6 month cycle. We are finally receiving the new energy that we have been preparing ourselves for! This Solar Eclipse will lead us to the Lunar Eclipse on January 20th which will really focus on the endings that we do not want to take into 2019. The Eclipse Gateway is the time between both Eclipses which is a very powerful portal of energy that will help us embrace new beginnings and focus on our path ahead. Coming out of a transformational year, January is still going to be filled with change as we are still preparing ourselves for the energy of 2019. This year we are finally going to build and make progress on the plans and success that we have been working so hard for. Remember, we may have entered a new year but the astrological year does not end until March 31st where we will experience another major energy shift of new beginnings. Capricorn is a great earth energy for the Solar Eclipse because it is a very grounded, hard working, determined, and persistent. We welcome this structured energy as it is helping us lay the platform for what we want this year. It is helping us to prioritize and stick to our goals and gives us the boost to make progress over the next few months. Remain flexible with the changes and new beginnings that are presenting themselves to you and don't worry so much about the longterm. Focus on harnessing this energy and putting it towards what you want to manifest. 2019 opened up a new year vibration of self-expression and heightened spirituality. We're being called to step into the spiritually upgraded version of ourselves that 2018 unearthed. The new perceptions, goals, and wisdom, we gained last year must be put to use and acted upon. January's Eclipse season is the month to let our bodies adjust and step up to this new vibration and energy. Get yourselves ready for a new year and release any lingering self-defeating thoughts, habits, and fears, that may still be trying to creep in. Dismiss anything that is holding you back and trust that you have the power to do this!

Tarot Energy for this Solar Eclipse: Ace of Swords- Wow! I can't think of a better energy for this new Eclipse season. Aces represent new beginnings. The Ace of swords in particular is known as one of the most powerful tarot cards in the deck as nothing can stand in the way of the Ace of swords, without being crushed. The key to this energy however, is that the power of the sword is up to the bearer to use it in a beneficial way and to direct its energy towards positive goals. Although we are gifted with such a powerful new energy this month, we must make sure that we are channeling it towards the right areas of our life. The other amazing message that comes with the suit of swords is mental clarity. When this card shows up it represents great insight, a breakthrough moment, new ideas, and inspirations. It encourages you to seek out the truth and find justice in your life. At this time, you have great clarity and can see everything for what it is. This card also validates that we are getting hit with an abundance of new energy but it's not known where that energy will take us yet. This is another reason why we have to make sure to focus on the present!

Oracle Message for this Solar Eclipse: Happy, happy- What an incredible card to start the new year! This message is about joy, contentment, and fulfillment. It says that your desires are now effortlessly being fulfilled. You must choose to find joy in the present moment no matter what is happening around you. You are free from the shackles of longing and are able to experience the liberation that comes from actually being happy, moment to moment. You are being asked now to feel joy for the sake of joy and to experience contentment in your life, no matter what circumstances you're in. Joy is a choice and an energy that is always available to us, and is not dictated by our circumstances. Your happiness now is a result of you trusting in God. All is well. Make it a point to enjoy your life! Once again, this card is offering an opportunity for bliss that you have the power to experience. This is a great practice for you to realize the power that you have to harness any energy and emotion that you wish. It will help you realize the power that you have over your mind and your thoughts and that you can choose to think and perceive through the eyes of joy, instead of fear.

Tarot Energy for this Waxing Cycle (1/7-1/20): Knight of Pentacles- The Knight is very trustworthy, loyal, and hard working. He works in a very rigorous and methodical manner to ensure that everything he undertakes meets success! During this Eclipse Gateway, you may feel as though you've been working really hard and haven't seen your rewards yet. The Knight never looks for a quick fix and wants to make sure he has long-term success, so hang in there and trust that you will meet your goals. For now, make sure your day-to-day responsibilities are met. The only thing you have to look out for is not to become narrow-minded, stubborn, or resistant to change! Perfectionism is associated with this card and you don't want to get too caught up in the outcome or the details, that you get in your own way and prevent the very thing you're going after. Trust, surrender, and keep moving forward, slowly but surely. Call upon your patience in order to accomplish your tasks and don't try to rush towards your end goal. Trust that things are moving slowly for a reason right now and the victory will be that much sweeter!

Oracle Message for this Waxing Cycle (1/7-1/20): Here and Now- This card is perfectly paired with the patience of the Knight. This message is about being fully present in the moment and living one day at a time. Everything is happening now in the present, and only this moment counts! You have what it takes to handle anything if you let go of the need to look into the future or dwell on the past. This very moment is filled with clear, open energy that is giving you the opportunity to create miracles in your life. The only time you are truly ever trusting is when you are in the present moment. When you are not, you are feeding the illusions of worry, doubt, and fear, and that is preventing you from creating exactly what you want in your life. Master your mind, even if you have to narrate your life out loud as you move through your day. That is a practice that I do and it's important that you are ruthless in this discipline and stay in the moment at all costs! This gives you the control over your mind and puts you back in charge. This also gives you all of your power back that you may have relinquished to your thoughts or to your circumstances. This is the primary practice that I use and preach to everyone because everything starts with your thoughts. If you can master your mind, you can master everything in your life and you will feel so much peace, power, freedom, and happiness!

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