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New Moon in Aries and Readings for 4/17-4/28!

Today's New Moon brings powerful, high energy, and a lot of action and changes! In the fire sign of Aries, we are fully supported to move forward. We've focused so much on boundaries, priorities, and letting go since 2018 began. With Mercury going direct today, the energy that hindered our thought process, mental clarity, and clear communication, is lifted! It's time for us to be strong and assertive, enforcing our boundaries and going after what we want. Clear plans are being put in place and over the next few weeks, the action steps will follow. The new energy and changes entering into your life may feel intense. You may experience a mix of high emotions, with an emphasis on fear, but just know that this is your body's way of adjusting to this new vibration. We are undergoing a tremendous new beginning. Just be patient and don't over-analyze what you're feeling. Trust in Divine timing and allow things to come to you rather than rushing and obsessing about what you need to do. Things will become even more clear in the weeks ahead. Just know that everyone has been feeling the same thing- volatile emotions and stagnancy. We are now being acknowledged and rewarded for our hard work!

Tarot Energy for this New Moon Cycle: Queen of Swords- I can't think of a better card for today's New Moon and Mercury going direct! As a court card this represents someone in your life or an aspect of yourself. The Queen has a mature intellect, devoid of emotion. She has the ability to judge and discern impartially without emotion or sentimentality. It's not that she doesn't care about others, but she connects to others on an intellectual level rather than emotional understanding. You need to be independent in thought and judgment and use unbiased intelligence in your situation. Don't let emotions get in the way or you will be distracted- use fact and logic to make your decisions. She also has the innate ability to tell it like it is. She's a quick thinker, highly perceptive, cuts through confusion and gets to the point, and doesn't beat around the bush or soften her comments. Our emotions can delay our decisions or resist our movement, so do your best to detach from them and don't indulge them!

Angel Guidance for this New Moon Cycle: The Ocean- The first message of this card tells you that you have a connection with the Ocean and must spend more time near the sea. The Ocean air and water will inspire and heal you. The second message of this card has to do with healing. In any meditation, when you go into the Ocean you are going through a healing and detoxification. The Ocean also has to do with our emotions and brings us back into emotional balance while releasing stagnant, old, or negative emotions that we've been carrying. While it is wonderful for you to spend some time at the beach, you can also go to the Ocean in meditation and achieve the same type of healing. There's a reason that the Earth is covered in 70% salt water, and that is because the Earth, like us, needs to be balanced and physically going into the Ocean actually pulls all of the negativity from your body- that's why you leave the beach feeling great!

Tarot Energy for 4/17-4/28: Ten of Wands- This message validates that you've reached the end of a cycle after a period of struggle, and are finally reaping the rewards after investing a lot of hard work and effort! Although you accomplished a major goal you now must deal with the consequences of that fulfillment- a new job for example, may leave you with better hours and pay, but a lot more work. Your responsibilities may have become too much and you're struggling to let go. You may feel overwhelmed as you are trying to hold on to, and do everything at once. It's important to delegate some of your responsibilities so that you can still enjoy life. Assess which tasks are urgent and determine where you need to spend your time. Drop the tasks that are not as important and let go of what you're unnecessarily holding on to. Now is the time to stop taking on so much, conserve your energy, and pace yourself. You need time for relaxation and to enjoy life!

Angel Guidance for 4/17-4/28: Focus on Service- Let me explain. We are constantly serving and giving to others, so what does this card mean and how does it compare to the energy above that wants us to release burdens!? It's true that it is part of our life lessons to give back, however, we often get confused and give so much at our own expense, or we don't trust in who we are and our ability to use our gifts in helping others. This message says that you may be worried about your life's mission or where you're going, and you may even feel insecure about whether you'll make enough money, be successful, or be well received by others. Instead of worrying about other people's reactions, focus solely upon how you can use your talents, passions, and interests, to help others or some vital cause. The Angels will give you all the support you need, so please, trust in yourself and your gift and, as a part of your Divine Life Path, the rest falls into place without your effort!

Thank you for reading! I will be back on April 29th for the Full Moon! Please remember to follow us on Instagram for daily readings and messages. Take care of yourself and stay happy and healthy!