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New Moon in Virgo and Readings for 9/11-9/23!

Time to set your intentions! Mother Earth is getting ready to shift into her Autmn Season, and take back everything that we've let go of this Summer. It's been an intense few Months of death and rebirth and what a welcoming, cleansing energy this Fall will bring. Todays New Moon in Virgo calls us to be self-aware and take care of ourselves. She invites us to nurture ourselves, rest, recover, and rejuvenate. It's much harder to do than you think, when you're so used to taking on tasks and responsibilities alone. We are rarely accepting help and are often trying to control our day-to-day life. It's time to let go, be in a receptive state, and treat yourself. This is important because Virgo also helps us get organized and focused on whatever project we're pursuing- whether related to work, relationships, self-help, creative projects, etc. Although an analytical sign that helps organize or thoughts, allow it to help you decipher and understand your emotions in order to fully feel and master them. Don't get caught up in overanalyzing or overthinking! Detached observation is the best way to find truth in your emotions. Master your mind this Month and choose your thoughts to align with happiness, and focus on enjoying yourself. You're never trapped by obligations or circumstances, you can always change your thoughts and perspective at any time, to change your life. Nothing around you has to change to do that. Virgos energy is really supporting this effort in changing your mind. Your thoughts are everything and only you can control them!

Tarot energy for this New Moon cycle: Eight of Pentacles- A perfect card for Virgo energy! This is a time of learning new skills and beginning something you've never done before! You may be experiencing, or are about to experience, a new beginning in your work, education, or finances. This card symbolizes concentrated determination to master a new skill being learned. You have consciously chosen a new career path or a creative undertaking and you have a diligent and hard-working attitude. You are applying yourself fully and this card creates success through perseverance! You're working to improve your situation and are committed to making changes. Focus, and be patient. You may also be furthering your education to hone your skills and master them. Remember, that this can also refer to mastering yourself- your emotions, your mental, physical, and emotional health, and your spiritual growth as well! Be careful not to become a perfectionist, losing sight of the bigger picture!

Archangel Message for this New Moon cycle: Peace- What a beautiful Angel message for Virgos self-nurturing, healing energy. You're being asked to remember that your soul is made of powerful energy of love and peace. It is the foundation of you and everyone else around you. Are you able to look past the surface of your actions, and the actions of others and see the truth that lies within? It is a difficult practice to choose peace, one that you have to be willing to do over and over and over again. It is one that requires great stamina and resilience in order to discipline your mind and live from your soul. If you can detach from your emotions and stay out of your mind and your ego, you will see and feel the solid strength of peace that is your foundation. You will be able to see that others are only acting from their own fears and perceptions. You will be able to remove yourself from their attacks knowing that they are simply projecting their own insecurities on you. You will no longer feel the need to judge and criticize yourself either if you view yourself from your souls eyes. Choose peace with yourself and with everyone you come in contact with.

Tarot energy for 9/11-9/23 (Waxing cycle): Page of Pentacles- This Month seems to be all about finances and new beginnings! This card is ridiculously similar to the Eight of Pentacles. The Page has the desire to manifest his dreams into the material world. You may have a new project, hobby, business venture, or new educational experience before you. Although this card, like all the Pages in the tarot, doesn't indicate the fulfillment of your dreams, it does indicate the initial motivation, enthusiasm, and energy to begin the process of making your dreams a reality. Put clear plans and actions in place to achieve your goals and remain focused on what's realistic and achievable. The Page of Pentacles has the desire to learn all things and is dedicated to knowledge, the attainment of wisdom, and new skills! He's devoted and has great concentration. Use this energy this Month and you will be successful.

Archangel Message for 9/11-9/23 (Waxing cycle): Beloved One- The tarot cards are extremely similar to each other, and the Angel cards are as well! Only, instead of peace, you're being reminded that love is all around you right now. You never need to search for love, the entire essence of who you are is love. What you need to do is choose to align your thoughts and actions with love. We often do not realize how much we judge and criticize ourselves and others. When you want to bring a relationship into your life, you have to have that relationship with yourself! Everyone searches outside of themselves to find someone to love them but they often don't realize that they are the vacuum that brings a relationship into their life! You need to become what you want to manifest. When you value yourself, hold yourself in high regard, treat yourself with compassion, and are always on your own side, someone enters your life that treats you the same way. Know that you are loved unconditionally by God and your Angels, and when you truly trust this, you allow yourself to open to love through your own self love.

Thank you for reading! I will be back on 9/24 for the Full Moon! Be sure to follow us on Instagram at spiritual_beginning for daily readings and posts. We hope you had an incredible Summer!