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New Moon in Capricorn and Readings for 1/19-1/30!

It probably feels as though you're working hard but January seems to be moving along pretty slowly, and you may not be feeling that new burst of energy just yet. This Month has been about creating a solid foundation and structure and many of us have begun putting our ideas and plans into action for what we want for the future. We have a Super Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (Blue Moon) at the end of this Month which is closing out energy from the last six Months. The New Moon Solar Eclipse in February will have us feeling that energy boost that we need! However, while things feel a bit stagnant and we are still purging the last of our old emotions and energy, we must take this opportunity to start getting solid footing towards our future. This New Moon is in the grounded Earth sign of Capricorn which is very sturdy, hardworking, and determined. As with all New Moons, we have an opportunity to set our intentions and give our emotions a chance to neutralize. Focus now on whatever your priorities are and what you want to create in your life no matter what it is. This is not only a time to reflect on what we want but a time to take action steps! This Moon supports our hard work and determination and now is not the time to sit back and wait for things to come into your life.

Tarot Energy for this New Moon Cycle: King of Cups- (You'll notice as you continue reading, that both tarot cards are Court cards which means that a specific person may be instrumental in moving forward with a goal). As a court card this can represent you, a person in your life, or an event in your life. The King of Cups is a great energy because he represents the perfect balance between emotions and intellect. He's a master of his feelings, is in control of his emotions, and has strong bonds in his relationships. This may be someone in your life who you're able to connect with on an emotional level, who is sensitive, kind, considerate, and takes responsibility for his actions. If this card resonates with you, then you must remain emotionally mature when dealing with others negativity and be clear about your boundaries. Use your emotional intellect to make smart decisions and don't let your emotions get out of control. This may even be validation for you that you're feeling very emotionally balanced and in control and have a deep understanding of your emotions.

Animal-Speak Rune Message for this New Moon Cycle: Relationship (Mating)- This pairs with the King of Cups above because it talks about how relationships should take priority now. At this time people are drawn to you and will listen to you as this is a very fertile time both physically and creatively. Allow yourself to be enthusiastic and to show your emotions as this rune reminds you that you should celebrate who you are. Embrace new people and new relationships developing in your life right now, no matter how temporary they are- they are here for a reason and only help you to grow even more! Many of you may find ourselves in conflict or imbalance in your romantic or family relationships. You have a great opportunity now to grow and create new relationships even if that means leaving some behind or distancing yourself until it becomes comfortable and healthy for both parties. Either way, you are moving forward, relationships are changing, and new ones are beginning!

Tarot Energy for 1/19-1/30: Knight of Wands- As a court card this can represent you, a person in your life, or an event in your life. The Knight of Wands represent the actual pursuit of an idea and there's a lot of action associated with him. He has a true commitment and energy to make sure his ideas are put into action! He has no fear and charges forth with his ideas to make things happen. Your confidence will rapidly increase and you'll feel ready to take on the world and any challenges in your way. The only downside is that he's an "act first, think later" type of guy and can be impatient or impulsive with his love for action. He tends to rush into things without consideration and fails to have a clear plan. If this represents you, make sure to temper your projects with great enthusiasm but well-rounded realistic views and a well-considered plan. This maybe someone helping you move forward with a plan. Make sure that this person is being realistic, listening to you, and not making hasty decisions.

Animal-Speak Rune Message for 1/19-1/30: Boundary (Skunk)- This exact rune came up three days ago and out of all 40 runes, came up again. The message about setting boundaries is very strong this Month as it is the only way to prioritize what we want and move forward with our plans. Now is the time to assert your boundaries! People will only respect you if you respect yourself- they treat you how you allow yourself to be treated. Erecting boundaries doesn't mean being rude or hostile, it just means being firm in what you will and will not allow. As people cross that boundary your energy starts depleting and your self-respect starts diminishing. You may be bending over backwards for others and being pulled in so many directions that you're finding it hard to keep up! Remember that God resides within you and it is not selfish to detach and take care of yourself first- it is absolutely mandatory. You are your number one priority! This pairs perfectly with the Knight of Wands because if our attention is not focused on what we want and taking care of ourselves, then all of that action energy is scattered.

Thank you all for reading! I am excited for my next post on January 31st for the Super Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (Blue Moon), and to explain what all of this means. Don't forget to follow us on Instagram for daily readings! Remember that peace comes from within, so be conscious of creating that peace even in the midst chaos!