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New Moon in Scorpio and Readings for the Waxing Cycle!

Welcome to Scorpio Season! Today's New Moon is in Scorpio which carries the energies of transformation, death and rebirth, purging, healing, and the shadow-self. We've had quite a year with tremendous inner and outer change. We've undergone a big evolution and truly transformed ourselves. We've let go of so much and boldly came face-to-face with our deepest fears. We've met our deepest habits and beliefs and came out with a better understanding of who we are. This year has revealed deeper truths and has offered new energy and new beginnings. We are now beginning to grasp all of this transformation and looking for solid ground to stand on. Very necessary self-reflection and self-awareness has been forced upon us and this dark, New Moon in an emotional and transformational sign, offers even more. New Moons bring a more quiet, neutral vibration that allows us to restore and recover from any emotional energy that has taken over our peace of mind. Scorpio dives into the depths of our inner-self and offers healing and compassion to the darkness. More than anything, we are being asked to accept and embrace where God has brought us on our path. We are being asked to accept who we are without judgement or criticism. It's time to embrace your darkness, your fears, your beliefs, your tendencies, as part of your truth. By accepting and embracing without trying to figure anything out, you show yourself that you truly do love yourself. You offer yourself forgiveness. This acceptance opens a new World of possibility for you. It opens up doors to true happiness, peace, fulfillment, and abundance. Your shadow-self is your right of passage to a peaceful life. In order to get anything, you must be willing to meet yourself, embrace yourself, and take yourself on your next journey! This New Moon is a cantine to our parched spirit that replenishes all that our bodies have shed and lost.

Tarot energy for this New Moon cycle: Two of Pentacles- We're being called to bring balance into our lives and be clear about our priorities. You're putting way too much time and energy into one part of your life and therefore, neglecting another. Where is this imbalance? Are you putting so much time into your job and neglecting your health and well-being? Are you paying so much attention to your mind and your fears that you're missing the present and neglecting your own self-love or relationships? Find out where you're putting your power, whether knowingly or unknowingly, and determine what needs your attention the most! Manage your time and energy effectively, in a way that supports your goals and responsibilities. This card symbolizes change so it's important that you remain flexible and adaptable. This allows you to leave room for new opportunities and energy to alter your path. God is reorganizing your life to bring you towards your goals!

Angel Message for this New Moon cycle: Breathe- *Both Angel messages are identical to the oracle cards in the last post, two weeks ago. This means that the message is so important to our growth and well-being right now! It's vital that we listen to what the Angels are continuing to tell us!* Again, this message brings awareness to something that we don't even pay attention to. When you are stressed or uncomfortable your breathing pattern will change and therefore, hinder the circulation of energy in your body. Each inhale brings in a new vibration. Your practice now is to constantly focus on controlling your breath and taking slow, deep inhales and exhales. This is especially important when you are feeling stressed or worried! Breathing into your discomfort is what dissipates those heavy emotions and brings natural healing to those problems and expands the energy. This is how we invite solutions into our lives- we are channels and through our breath we facilitate movement and healing. This will also open up the chakras that are holding onto those low-lying vibrations and emotions and help to clear out old and stagnant energy. This Moon is about healing, accepting, and forgiveness and we don't need anyone to do this for us. It is our responsibility to use our breath to heal ourselves!

Tarot energy for this Waxing cycle (11/9-11/22): King of Wands- As a court card, this can represent you or someone in your life. The King of Wands is an extremely powerful and energetic card as the King doesn't implement his vision on the World but rather, changes the World to match his vision! He is a leader and a visionary, ensuring that he can accomplish the goals he sets himself. It's time to cast aside your fear and harness your power. Don't limit your dreams because you don't feel like you deserve such happiness or because you're unsure of how you'll get there. It's time to look at your longterm goals and lead your life with intent. Any challenges you are encountering are all part of this journey and in hindsight, will be small bumps that leads to a beautiful and successful outcome. Stay focused on the long-term and trust that you have the strength to grasp any opportunity that presents itself to you. You are ready and you are qualified for this next step in your life. Put clear plans in place and focus on the action steps you need to take. It's time to draw upon your confidence and strength! The only things to look out for in yourself or in someone else, is arrogance, aggression, and a big ego!

Angel Message for this Waxing cycle (11/9-11/22): Nurture- Again, we have the same energy continuing to influence us! Allowing yourself to receive nurturing can be a very difficult task. In truth, self-care and self-nurturing are not luxuries- they are necessities. We are so used to thinking and doing and being so caught up in our obligations and responsibilities, that we are never actually in a receptive state. It's time to heal and let go of the habits and conditioning that has made us feel like we cannot give to ourselves fully or let others love or give to us fully. Giving has to be balanced by receiving. Always, but over the next few days especially, be willing to challenge yourself to receive. Let your internal dialogue be one of compassion and love, let others do for you and give to you, and do whatever it takes to show yourself that you are your number one priority in your life. You are the only one that is responsible for you and the only one that can truly take care of yourself. When you put everything and everyone before yourself, you are telling yourself subconsciously that everyone and everything is more important than you. Think about how that will make you feel on a subconscious level. Self-awareness is an absolute priority so reconstruct your days to make it so, and watch your life change before your eyes!

Thank you for reading! Don't forget to follow us on Instagram at spiritual_beginning for daily readings and posts! I'll be back on November 23rd for the Full Moon. I can't believe how fast this year went and that I'm already saying this, but we wish you and your families a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving! May you have a blessed holiday filled with gratitude and love!