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Solar Eclipse in Cancer and Readings for 7/14-7/26!

First, let's refresh our memory with Eclipses! About every six Months we have a Solar and a Lunar Eclipse. Solar Eclipses launch the beginning of our six Month Eclipse Season, and Lunar Eclipses close out the previous six Month Eclipse Season. February started our last Eclipse Season and now, July is closing out the energy that started then and launching a brand new six Months of energy. This Solar Eclipse happens to be a very powerful one as it is the first Solar Eclipse we've had in the sign of Cancer, since 2009! I almost feel like a broken record talking about the absolute tremendous changes and emotions we've been dealing with in the last few Months. This has truly been one of the most powerful cosmic and energetic times of our lives. We have purged so much of the old, transformed ourselves completely, awakened new truths in ourselves, changed our perception, and redirected our lives. We have been at such powerful turning points recently, as we've been ending cycles of energy that lasted for years and years, and are launching so many new beginnings that will last for years to come. It's important that we recognize who we are presently and stop living like the person we used to be. We are not the same as we once were. At this time of continuous change, don't try to understand everything and don't try to know all of the answers. Completely surrender the need to control what is coming. Let your emotions be as they are and come and go as they please. Let yourself feel completely confused and unprepared because that is how you are supposed to feel! Strength comes from our ability to trust and surrender knowing that God has given us everything we need. We are coming into a strong and prosperous time and will eventually find ourselves becoming settled again in our new life.

Tarot energy for this Solar Eclipse: The Sun- Wow! Known as the best card in the Tarot, The Sun is also a major Arcana card representing big and powerful changes that will last. We also had a Major Arcana card for the last 2 weeks leading up to today's Solar Eclipse, showing what powerful and altering energy is taking place. The Sun is a card that holds everything good that you can imagine- good health, happiness, fulfillment, abundance, vitality, etc. The image in this deck shows a young child on a white horse representing purity, innocence, and our true self. This card is about strength and confidence and wherever you go, positivity will follow. The Sun literally follows The Moon in the tarot showing that any difficult time you've been through or struggles you've faced, come to an end as the Sun lights your path. This is an enlightening time and after your recent hardships, you may feel like you've gained new insight and had a spiritual breakthrough! Please, allow this Sun's energy into your life and let it illuminate you (yes, I said "allow")!

Angel Guidance for this Solar Eclipse: The Ocean- The Ocean is a place of tremendous healing and is often a place we go to for healing meditations. The salt water itself washes away all of our negativity. If you do live by the Ocean, simply spending time there helps to ground you and facilitate your body's natural healing process by removing all of your old, stagnant energy. If you do not live by the Ocean, the message remains that this is a time of healing and cleansing where you can remove what no longer serves you. Take a few minutes in the next few days and simply close your eyes and envision yourself by the seashore. Take a deep breath of the fresh sea air, feel the warm sand beneath your feet, soak in the sunlight, and even jump right into the crystal blue water. This meditation alone helps bring awareness to your energy body and encourages your healing and detoxification. You will come out feeling refreshed and weightless.

Tarot energy for 7/14-7/26 (Solar to Lunar Eclipse- Waxing cycle): King of Wands- As a court card, this can represent you, or someone in your life. The King of Wands is an extremely powerful and energetic card as the King doesn't implement his vision on the world but rather, changes the world to match his vision! He is a leader and a visionary, ensuring that he can accomplish the goals he sets himself. He casts aside his fear and helps others do the same, as he is respectful and encourages others to achieve their own goals. It's time to look at your longterm goals and lead your life with intent. Any challenges you are encountering are all part of this journey and, in hindsight, will be a small bump that leads to a beautiful and successful outcome. Stay focused on the long-term and trust that you have the strength to grasp any opportunity that presents itself to you. You need to draw upon your confidence and power! The only things to look out for in yourself or in someone else, is arrogance, aggression, and a big ego!

Angel Guidance for 7/14-7/26 (Solar to Lunar Eclipse- Waxing cycle): Go for it- Don't get caught up in second-guessing yourself or worrying about the outcome. The Angels encourage you to take action steps towards your goals and stop worrying about 'how' it will happen. Your Angels have been with you since the beginning of this endeavor and reassure you of a positive outcome as long as you continue putting your energy towards what you want. You are being validated that you are on the right path and that now is the right time, even if it may not feel like it. Rest assured that your goal is Divinely inspired! Stay on your present path and it will take you very far.

Thank you for reading! I will be back on July 27th for the Lunar Eclipse. Please remember to follow us on Instagram at spiritual_beginning for daily readings and posts, and please feel free to contact us with any questions about what we offer!