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Private Readings

We offer private and personal readings in our office, where we ensure that we will dedicate our time and mind, fully and unconditionally, in order for you to have the best experience. These private readings are untimed and we will stay with you so long as we are receiving messages from Spirit. You will be treated with the utmost respect as we are very honored that you are putting your trust in us.

Phone Readings

We have done Phone Readings all over the Country and all over the World. This allows you to have an intimate conversation with us in the comfort of your home. Phone Readings are in the exact same format as Private Readings and are completely untimed. We will dedicate our time to channeling your messages wherever you may be in the Country or in the World.

Group and Event Readings

We have various events throughout the year at different venues. You can either join us at a lovely Dinner Show for an Open Group Reading or one of our Charity Events and Fundraisers that we participate in, where you can come and support your Charity. Check out our Events page for upcoming Events!