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The Team


As far as he can remember, Richard knew that there was something different about him. As a young adolescent he began to realize that the things he saw, felt, and knew, no one else did. Richard, being confused and afraid began a life of feeling isolated and misunderstood. Little did he know, that out of this heartache would come a beautiful blessing, an incredible gift, and a fulfilled life.

As God would have it, as Richard got older he followed in his family's footsteps and became an Undertaker. There, he gained a deep respect and formed a stronger connection to those that have passed, and for the families who lost their loved ones. Now, he is able to help those that have experienced loss in a more emotional way, by aiding in their healing and giving them understanding and peace.

Richard is grateful to have been blessed with the ability to communicate with the Spirit World, a gift his Grandfather also possessed and saw with Richard throughout his life. As a Psychic Medium, Richard continues to help those that have passed by providing communication from the Spirit World to the living. This reassures them that Spirit has not left and is here to guide, support, and love them. With Richard's strong bond, Spirit is able to relay specific emotions, feelings, signs and messages to him for a more detailed reading.



From a very early age, Kerri had a strong connection to the Spirit World- particularly to the Angels. Although, very frightened and desperately trying to ignore what she felt and saw, this was meant to be. From as early as Kerri can remember, she has seen Spirit and has been visited by Angels. With no where else to go and no one else to turn to Kerri confided in her Parents who feared the worst for her health. This started a long journey of therapy and treatments throughout her life. However, none of these options were a solution to a strong and powerful gift that could not be suppressed. After giving up on her ability to live a normal life, Kerri was out of options and feared the worst. Finally she was lead to Richard for help who opened up a complete and full understanding to her life. Richard had shed light on the beautiful gift that God had blessed her with and for the first time Kerri was able to look at her abilities with love and gratitude.

Kerri became devoted to the Angel work that God had blessed her with. Her readings started out incorporating the use of her own Angel Oracle Cards as well as her empathic and intuitive gifts. The cards enabled Kerri to help you have an understanding of what Angels are around you, what they are for, and how the Angels can help you, giving you a more comprehensive and enlightening reading. When Kerri began reading, her gifts began developing further and she was introduced to, and became extremely connected with the Tarot, one of the oldest forms of Divination. She began to hone in on her gifts of looking into the past, present, and future, and the Taro became the perfect tool for her. Kerri used her unique gifts to create new forms of reading the Tarot and incorporated her own modern interpretation on an old craft.

This has been Kerri’s life long calling and she is extremely grateful to share her gifts with so many, helping them to receive peace and understanding in their lives.