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Full Moon in Aquarius and Readings for the Waning Cycle!

Since we entered August, we've had a sense of renewal after the tumultuous energy of July's eclipse season. However, we still find ourselves in the midst of changes and transitions. We are moving forward now and demanding more of ourselves. We are ready to embrace the new beginnings that await us and we are eager to move forward with our plans. With today's Full Moon in Aquarius, you are being guided to look outside of yourself to your community around you. Are you living in your truth and doing what fulfills you? We all have special gifts from the Divine that we are meant to share with the world. Aquarius also focuses on communication and sharing ideas, so it's important to pay attention to the people who enter your life, or currently support your growth and well being. You will be guided to individuals that share your same interests and conversations that will bring you new ideas. Everything that comes to you during this time is Divinely ordered and meant to support your movement forward. It's important that you keep your mind open and don't shut yourself down for fear of far-fetched dreams or failure. Your past does not dictate your future and the possibilities are infinite. Do not push aside anything that may not fit with your rational point of view. Aquarius challenges you to move beyond your beliefs and reach for a bigger dream. We are still in a time of healing old wounds so let your motivation for a better life be your catalyst for acknowledgingly what emotions or beliefs may be in your way. These are all old and deep rooted and no longer serve you. This is a great time for gathering information whether about yourself or to world around you, so keep your ears peeled and be ready to receive!

Tarot energy for this Full Moon: Strength-A great message for this New Moon! Your attention is being brought to your inner strength. Trust that you have the stamina, persistence, and resilience to overcome any obstacles you're facing. This energy is giving you the opportunity to transcend your heavy emotions in order to awaken your intuition and spiritual wisdom. Once you eliminate the constant noise of these emotions and your fear, you will create the silence you need. Focus on controlling your impulses and don't lose patience as you let go of your lower self! When we heal and release old habits, our emotions can seem out of control, as they have to come to the surface, to your conscious awareness, in order to leave. Create a safe and trusting environment for yourself and treat yourself gently. You are confident and strong and have the endurance to seek your task until the end. Right now, don't worry about seeing results of your efforts- your rewards will come! Enlightenment and wisdom are entering your life and you are emerging into a beautiful, new version of yourself.

Blessed Mother message for this Full Moon cycle: Gratitude- God is generous and loving and desires the very best for you and all of His children. If you've been feeling forsaken or forgotten, this card reminds you of the magical power of gratitude! No matter what the current situation may be, there's always something to be grateful for. Take one minute to review your blessings. When you get up in the morning and focus on what gifts you are being offered that day, all you will see is blessings because you are choosing to look for it. When you get up and focus on what isn't going right, then that is all you will see as well. Your perception is everything and actually speeds the process of your prayers. You hold a lot more power than you think you do. Remain patient and grateful and you will open the doors to happiness, abundance, and fulfillment.

Tarot energy for this Waning cycle: Six of Swords- As the moon loses light, you release the old as well. It's time to leave something or someone behind that is unhealthy and no longer supporting your growth. Perhaps you're dwelling too much in the past and it's preventing you from being happy in your present and moving on in your life. It could be your own mind frame and negative thought patterns that need to be released. Look at the parts of your life that you need to walk away from in order to be truly happy. There may be some difficulty and sadness in this, but you must trust that it's the right decision and there are beautiful and peaceful waters ahead. This card is your validation that it's time to go. You deserve true happiness! Your perception is clear and you are able to see the truth now as long as you keep your emotions out of it. You are strong enough!

Blessed Mother message for this Waning cycle: Integrity- There's literally no better message to fit with the Six of Swords! You need to trust your ability to know what is true and right for yourself so that you can make changes. Something or someone isn't sitting right in your life and your body may be reacting, as your energy is trying to bring something to your attention. It's time for you to live truthfully and avoid those who aren't acting with integrity or honesty. Trust your gut feelings to steer you towards individuals who tell the truth and have good hearts. This message also asks you to tell the truth to yourself and others even if you're uncomfortable with your feelings or the reactions of others. The Blessed Mother can guide your words and give you the courage to speak up, and help you create a healthy atmosphere of honesty. The energy is supporting this time of truth and justice, so trust in the Divine timing of the changes that this honesty will bring into your life.

Thank you for reading! For daily readings and posts, follow us on Instagram at spiritual_beginning. I'll be back on August 30th for the New Moon! Stay happy and healthy everyone!