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Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius and Readings for the Waning Cycle!

Wow! There's no denying what this transformative energy of 2020 is doing to the world. Without "crisis" we cannot have dramatic change, and we are experiencing massive shifts both internally and externally. Our lives are changing for the better, even if it doesn't seem like it right now. Old foundations must be dismantled, as 2020 promised, and Sagittarius brings the truth to light, unveiling what's been hidden. Today marks the first of three eclipses in a row, which is pretty uncommon. This just further emphasizes the level of change we are experiencing! Eclipses come through to completely clear out old energy and create a new path ahead. You will find yourself revisiting and transcending many old wounds and life lessons from the long ago past. Our souls have been awakening on a much deeper level, which explains the constant turbulence we've been feeling. It's time to embrace the truth and start living differently. You know what has been keeping you back and the outdated beliefs you are still living by. You also know the relationships that you've been keeping that are no longer supporting your growth and well-being. The truth can be a hard pill to swallow, especially when you realize that you have to live your life very differently than from the way you've been. It can be scary. Your future might look different now. Your foundation has been shaken. But it's time to rebuild a much stronger, happier, and more spiritually directed life. Whether it looks like it or not, you are in a major upleveling! Surrender your view of what your life should look like right now. We have a beautiful opportunity to connect with ourselves on a deeper level and truly evolve and transcend our old identity. Do not bog yourself down with distractions and fear. Be willing to meet these changes and challenges head on and you will discover yourself on a level that you never have before. Let's make the most of these healing opportunities. "Please keep your hands, arms, and legs inside the vehicle at all times!"

Tarot Energy for this Lunar Eclipse and Waning Cycle: Five of Pentacles- With all this transformation, you might be suffering with feelings of loss, isolation, and loneliness. This too shall pass! These are all normal feelings given the fact that you are healing and purging the past. You may have been suffering financially recently as well. These are hard times, but don't fall into a victim mentality- be proactive and start to plan out what you can do to help yourself. It's vital that you start widening your perspective right now instead of getting stuck in fear or sadness that you'll never have enough and you can't get where you're going! You are being supported for full and abundant life, but you need to be the one that sets the stage. You are in charge of your own freedom. The more that you believe you can receive, the more abundantly your needs will flow to you. This eclipse and the cycle over the next 2 weeks is going to push you to start making bold decisions about how you see your life. You cannot sit back anymore and wait for things to come to you. It's time to focus on the old beliefs you're listening to that are not supporting your growth, because this is the only way you can move forward to a new and positive future.

Oracle Message for this Lunar Eclipse and Waning Cycle: Lake (Stillness)- There is a lot going on in the world and this has affected us greatly. We are certainly facing parts of ourself that we've never had to before. It can seem overwhelming, but don't get stuck in the paranoia or the frantic energy. Take these next 2 weeks to stop letting your mind to run wild and to seek out peace, stillness, and quiet. You must find a place for this in your life, even if you feel that there is no time for you to do so. There is always time for self-awareness. You must retreat to the place of infinite peace inside of you if you want to start having a peaceful external life. Like the card above, you are the one that sets the stage for how your life is, even if it seems like there are situations beyond your control. You always have control over yourself and how you choose to use your time. Rearrange your priorities and focus on what needs the most attention. You should be on top of that list! Changing this pattern of living around will feel wrong at first, but know that it is correct and will start to make you feel better quickly!

Thank you for reading! For daily readings and posts, follow us on Instagram at spiritual_beginning. I'll be back on June 21st for the Solar Eclipse. Stay happy, healthy, and safe everyone!