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New Moon in Virgo and Readings for the Waxing Cycle!πŸŒΎπŸ’š

Today's New Moon means a new beginning and the start of a new cycle. This is a welcomed moon and acts like a breath of fresh air. We've barely been able to keep our head above water with all the shifts and changes occurring. Virgo is a nurturing sign, taking us down the path of self-healing, comfort, and productivity. It's time to get yourself organized and clean up both your external and internal landscape. Getting rid of our emotional clutter has been pretty uncomfortable. We all want to change and find happiness but stepping out of our old ways has been harder than we may have realized. Endings are challenging- a part of us is quite literally dying, and our ego's aren't happy about it. Stay committed to your growth, to your self-love and make it a priority over everything else. We are beginning to see the light at the end of this 2020 struggle. What is most important to you? Are you tending to it? Virgo blows away the cobwebs of our minds and our perception. You're seeing things differently now. It's time to take a leap of faith. With the Equinox coming up, we must prepare ourselves for the darker months of release, reflection, and rejuvenation. Focus on your healing now. Sit with the discomfort of your own body and emotions. Let your body speak to you- it's trying to get your attention! It's eager to remove that which is getting in your way. Your soul naturally moves towards the light. When your mind and emotions become too loud, your body speaks up through discomfort. Go within and listen. Today's moon is perfect for this reflection and grounding. Trust yourself. Let your soul lead you forward and guide you to take the actions you need to take. Virgo wants to get things done! Follow her beautiful energy. πŸ’š

Tarot Energy for This New Moon and Waxing Cycle: The Empress- What an absolutely perfect energy for Virgo! This card is all about self-care, self-love, nurturing, abundance, and growth. There's a reason why taking these actions steps are so important! This card was clarified by one of truth, clarity, and authority. By stepping away from your worries and focusing all of your energy on your own self-care, you create an entirely new perception, where you are able to see your life circumstances very clearly and make decisions. You are able to see the truth in your life and have no doubts about what next step you should take. Although stepping away from your obligations may feel counterproductive, it is actually the only way you can achieve growth and forward movement. You won't need to go to others for their advice on what you should do, nor would you be stuck in confusion and indecisiveness. You will be able to trust your intuition, the power of your own seer within your heart. This gives you a feeling of tremendous authority over you're life. You need to build this strength and foundation within yourself now so that you can make bold changes and move ahead confidently. Please, take this message to heart, go against your analytical mind, and put all your attention on how you can nurture and care for yourself.

Angel Message for This New Moon and Waxing Cycle: Angel Isaiah- This is a wonderful card of changes and new beginnings and it was clarified by a card of endings! It's clear that one door needs to close before a new one can open. This card tells us that our new and exciting life changes that we want to make are inevitable! You have started moving towards these decisions and there is no turning back now. Instead of playing it safe, you decided to move forward and now, Angel Isaiah is giving you the comfort and the courage that you need. However, although you may feel an urgency to push into new territory, you do not need to rush! You have to allow everything to unfold naturally in your life. Trust that God knows, better than you do, the precise moment when things should fall in to place. Now, although the Angels' are congratulating you on this new period of your life, they also want to acknowledge that you are at the end of a major cycle. This ending might be clear to you, such as the end of a relationship for example, or it may be something internal, an old way of living that is no longer serving you. Whatever you are releasing, you may feel sad or a mixture of emotions and you must let yourself feel these. However, when you are ready, the Angels' will show you how this ending brings new blessings into your life. Your emotions teach you, so rather than getting stuck in them, ask yourself what you need to learn from these feelings. It's okay to feel both sad, excited, and fearful, as you are in between an ending and a new beginning. Because of this, you are not going to be thrown into a new environment, but rather, eased slowly into your new life.

Thank you for reading! For daily readings and posts, follow us on Instagram @spiritual_beginning. I'll be back on October 1st for the Full Moon. Stay happy and healthy everyone!