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Full Moon in Taurus and Readings for the Waning Cycle!

Today, we have an incredible full moon in the earth sign of Taurus. Taurus brings us a sense of security and abundance and after all of our hard work and patience, we will finally see concrete manifestations in our lives. We are going to start feeling stability in our new identities. We've worked hard to make changes, and most importantly, we've worked hard to change our thinking, our perceptions, and I'll beliefs. Taurus is bringing us a second wind of determination, persistence, and tenacity, so that we can keep pushing forward to our long term goals. It's important to stay focused on the present. We are making significant changes in our lives right now that are setting us up for 2020. You need to enforce new boundaries and implement a new discipline and regimen that you can stick to and follow, regarding your self-care and your goals. You cannot wish your way into the life that you want and you cannot rely on a journey that you create in your mind. When you do that, you set yourself up for suffering and disappointment. When something doesn't go the way you believe it should or you have a setback, you panic and fall back into old habits. You need to profoundly alter your mind and question your beliefs so that you can start making real progress towards the life that you want. This full moon is full of abundance and completion as we have reached another stage in our journey. It's time to be courageous and take bold steps as you further detach from your old life and old vision, and instead, focus on who you are presently.

Tarot energy for this Full Moon cycle: Queen of Wands- The Queen is full of confidence and determination and is a natural extrovert. She comes through today to help us to promote ourselves and start becoming assertive in our lives. There is a difference between being demanding and standing up for yourself and what you deserve. This next chapter of our lives is calling us to step into who we are and boldly express our needs and wants. We cannot attract the life that we want if we aren't willing to ask for it and show up for our lives. God helps those who help themselves and this is not the time to stand in the background and wait for things to happen. The other message from the Queen is independence. We are constantly looking to others for validation or waiting for a giant sign that tells us we can move forward. Sometimes, we keep waiting for things in our life to happen in order to give us permission to make changes. Stop delaying, trust yourself, and take your next leap!

Angel for this Full Moon cycle: Angel Vanessa- Feeling a little indecisive? Not sure which direction to head in? It seems like one day you're sure of your decision and the next day you are questioning it again! This indecision can be healed by focusing on your heart and your life purpose. Even if you don't know what your purpose is, you just know that it involves bringing happiness and peace to yourself and those around you. What will bring you the most peace right now? Angel Vanessa comes through with God and your Angels' to help you trust in where you are right now. You are letting fear of making the wrong decision or fear of making waves and other people unhappy, keep you stagnant. It's important right now that you introduce gradual change in to your life. Slowly introduce your new direction into your daily life and ease out of your old direction slowly. This way, you won't frighten yourself and you will be more open to hearing God's guidance and therefore, more sure about your next steps.

Tarot energy for this waning cycle: Five of Wands- Experiencing any tension in your home environment or in your personal relationships? This card suggests some disharmony in the sense that everyone is expressing their own opinions but no one is getting anywhere! This is the time to compromise and agree to disagree. Look at the people around you and know that everyone has something to offer. Do not try to force your own perception on other people. Your beliefs are being challenged and so are the beliefs of those around you and although frustrating, this can actually be a very valuable thing. Look towards the tension whether internally or externally and ask yourself what lesson you are learning here. When you do this, you truly notice why something is bothering you and what belief you've established that is being unraveled. Take this as an opportunity to learn and grow as an individual.

Angel for this waning cycle: Archangel Michael- The amount of courage and strength being given to us right now because of all of the changes we are going through, is incredible! This card comes through because we have been praying for safety, protection, abundance, and happiness. You may be feeling pushed to make changes at work, in your home life, or personally, and this may be making you uncomfortable. However, Archangel Michael is here because it is time to make your self-care and your life purpose your top priority. This requires you to rearrange your schedule in order to support what you are trying to manifest. As I mentioned earlier, it's time for you to become disciplined and make a new schedule that puts you first! You are a light worker and you do have a special purpose on this earth, regardless if you know what it is or not. You are created by the divine light of God, and you hold unlimited potential within you. Over the next 2 weeks, focus on what is unfolding and jump in to the unknown head first! It's time for a massive change!

Thank you for reading! For daily readings and posts, follow us on Instagram at spiritual_beginning. I'll be back on November 26th for the new moon! Stay happy and healthy everyone!