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Super New Moon in Scorpio and Readings for the Waxing Cycle!🌊🌑🦂

Scorpio brings us into the underworld and calls our deepest emotions to the surface so that we can truly transform and heal. This sign is about death and rebirth. However, we have certainly been navigating the rough waters of our emotions already, so how is this super moon in Scorpio going to help us? Well, there is a big energy of acceptance here. It's not enough to sit in our emotions and observe them, there must be acceptance for all that we are and all that we feel, understanding that it is part of our human experience. The shadow aspect of ourselves, our deepest fears and emotions, are not the "bad" part of who we are, but rather, equally as good as our light. Scorpio allows us to integrate the shadow into that light. It is you who must utilize the catalyst of Scorpio by sending deep love towards the most wounded and painful parts of yourself. Only through compassion and self-love can we heal any wound- even the deepest chasm. It is in the shadow that we discover our most brilliant and unique gifts. The lack of fulfillment that you feel, even if it seems that your life has everything you've been hoping for, lies in this detachment that has been created between your inner and outer self. Judgment, criticism, and fear, have pushed out, ostracized, and buried the parts of yourself that you deemed invaluable and unworthy. Here is the root of the undeserving issues that are not allowing you to call into your life the abundance that is your divine right. We attract at the level that we vibrate on. How can you call true love and to your life when you don't feel it for yourself? How can you become the ultimate business owner if you don't feel qualified or keep doubting yourself? The goal with this new moon is to raise our vibration by healing these old wounds so that we can attract what we truly deserve. It's time that you step out of your self constructed identity and stop looking at your life story and your traumas as who you are. You are the abundant and unlimited light of your soul who is not identified or limited to your experiences. The more you strengthen the muscle of your soul through meditation, the detachment from your thoughts, observing yourself and your emotions without letting them consume you, and accepting all that arises, no matter how uncomfortable, the stronger and more resilient you become. If you make yourself comfortable by running towards the discomfort you feel, it stops taking over your life! This is a deeply transformative month as we make our way towards the eclipse. Make the best of this time- we are not leaving this year as the same people we entered it as.

Tarot Energy for this New Moon and Waxing Cycle: Ten of Pentacles- This is a great card of stability, security, and completion. You have worked hard, and it is now starting to pay off! This completion may have come as a result of loss, disappointment, or things not turning out as well as you'd hoped. Therefore, you may not be feeling all too happy about something ending right now. However, Spirit assures you that this completion will bring you nothing but happiness and fulfillment. As a pentacles card, this may point to financial abundance such as from a new job or a career path, or it may simply point to a committed relationship or a new foundation that you have begun building for yourself. Either way, it will have long lasting results that will bring you a sense of harmony, family, and closure. Whatever you have lost will be replaced with something better. Make sure you are focusing on all that you still have, rather than dwelling on the past. The changes that have been occurring in your life are to shake out the old and welcome in the new, so trust in whatever that process is doing for you. As we make our way towards the eclipse, look closely at the solid foundation you are standing on as a result of becoming aware of the illusions you were building your life on before.

Oracle Message for this New Moon and Waxing Cycle: Breathe- This is a great message to pair with the tarot energy above, that is bringing change and completion. This card is about patience, moving slowly, meditating, and trusting. As you look at the shifting energy within and around you, it can feel overwhelming. Dismantling energy that we were comfortable in, whether it was good for us or not, can leave us feeling vulnerable and unstable. Spirit is reminding you to navigate this new terrain slowly, taking deep breaths along the way and staying centered in your body and inner peace. Remember, your soul is a pillar of unlimited strength, courage, peace, and wisdom, and will provide you everything you could possibly need to move through these transitions. As I stated in the Scorpio energy above, breathe through the difficult emotions that arise in you as you start seeking the shadow within yourself. Breath, acceptance, and compassion, will start to shine light on any darkness you are feeling. You are the only one that can bring comfort to yourself, so don't rely on anything external to give you what you need- trust that you already have it! All of this energy suggests that we will come to the eclipse at the end of the month with a sense of security, more confident in who we are and ready to take on the next steps of our lives.

Thank you for reading! For daily readings and posts, follow us on Instagram @spiritual_beginning. I'll be back on November 30th for the Lunar Eclipse! Wishing everyone a very blessed and happy Thanksgiving!