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New Moon in Gemini and Readings for the Waxing Cycle!🌬🌑👭🏼

Today's New Moon marks the start of our Eclipse season, which is going to bring us a lot more change, endings, and new beginnings (if you can believe it!). With this moon cycle however, it's time to focus on integrating all of the knowledge we've gained from the previous 6 months. We have done so much reflection, introspection, and healing work and it's now time to utilize the energy of Gemini and bring that work into our external world. In a way, it's almost as if the first half of 2020 was focused internally, on gaining new insight and reaching a deeper level of authenticity and awakening. The second half has to do with taking this information and making bold changes to improve your life! You've come to new decisions and conclusions about who you are and where you want to be, and it's time that you act on them. The upcoming Lunar Eclipse will help us close out the previous 6 months of energy that started in December 2019. During this moon cycle, pay attention to the new ideas that enter your mind, and the people that cross your path. Gemini is ruled by Mercury so there is a deep focus on the mind and communication. It's time to live and speak your truth! You can no longer allow fear to keep you stagnant and silent. Stop worrying about if your new life will be successful- it will! Don't stay stuck in your present out of comfort and fear. The only way out is forward! Focus on the power of your thoughts and your projection because you are standing on fertile ground that is ready to grow everything that you put your intention on!

Tarot Energy for this New Moon and Waxing Cycle: The Star- Healing, purging, and new energy has been making its through and has left many of us in a whirlwind of emotions, unsure how to feel. The Star is a beautiful energy of recovery, new faith, hope, and mental clarity. This message brings renewal after a period of destruction and suffering. As you strip away these old, damaging beliefs, you start to realize the truth of who you are at the core. This is a time of significant growth and development- you're making your way from the old you to the new you and discovering a new sense of meaning. This renewal of your inner energy validates why you've been feeling off. Let go of the disappointments, the past, and what didn't work out as you hoped. It's time to embark on this new journey! You can have the beautiful new start that you've been waiting for, and the life that you've always wanted, so long as you transition away from the past and the old mindframe that has been holding you back. There may be some sadness involved and letting go of what you have gotten so comfortable with and invested so much time in, but it is absolutely necessary for your peace and your happiness. The more you can let go, the more mental clarity and tranquility you will have in your life.

Angel for this New Moon and Waxing Cycle: Angel Indriel- You are being called upon to awaken to a higher purpose! Things are changing around you and your old foundation is slowly crumbling, in order for you to move into a new chapter of your life. You have started to realize that you may not be happy where you are. You want to follow your passions and do what you love! This card validates that you are on the right track and you absolutely can be successful at what you're passionate about. Don't give up! You have beautiful, unique gifts inside you that only you can emmulate perfectly. God is calling you to live a different life that will benefit everyone. You are a lightworker and it's time for you to share you're gifts with the world. Trust in the path God is taking you on, even if it means giving up what you've spent so much time building. Follow your heart now and don't deviate from where you're feeling drawn.

Thank you for reading! For daily readings and posts, follow us on Instagram at spiritual_beginning. I'll be back on June 5th for the Lunar Eclipse! Stay happy and healthy everyone!