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Full ‘Pink’ Moon in Libra and Readings for the Waning Cycle!

We have another Full Moon in Libra, the same as last month! Before getting into the emphasis on changes in relationships, let's start with the energy we've been facing recently. Since the New Moon we've had very changing and shifting energy. So much has been brought to our awareness and we have been playing catch up with the new beginnings. Many have felt very emotional, perhaps even more so then the previous winter and fall seasons. The reason for this is that the energy was supporting us to purge what no longer fits, however, spring pushes new energy in our direction. When new energy hits the old energy that has been lingering, it creates some discomfort and emotional upheaval. Our energy body as well as our emotions, are trying to adjust to these new beginnings and clearing out the last bit of old, deep rooted darkness that we may have pushed to the back of our minds. The light, fresh energy of new beginnings may feel weighed down or dampened by these emotions and you may not be feeling very "spring-y." You really need to trust in where you are right now and what you are feeling and that everyone and everything around you is pushing you closer to your true self. Any discomfort is a catalyst to help you heal as well as rise above limiting beliefs and fears. Here, is where I come back to relationships. You may be noticing a change and shift in your relationships with others. Family, romantic, friendships, business relationships, are all getting a burst of new energy. These relationships, whether you are moving away from old ones or adjusting to new ones, are here to guide you closer to your life's purpose. In other words, your prayers are being answered and your relationships are helping bring your awareness and attention towards yourself and what you want. You are being forced to focus on what his most important and to let go of your hold on what "should be" or is "supposed to be." Everything, simply 'is.' And whatever 'is,' is perfectly designed to work for you. Do not fight against this vital energy or you will find yourself continuously feeling stuck and unhappy. The more you can accept your life exactly as it is, the more you let go of it and allow rapid changes!

Right now, we are also experiencing the most holy and spiritual time of the year, as today marks Good Friday and tomorrow marks the beginning of Passover. We have been in a time of self-reflection that has truly enabled us to evolve on a spiritual level. We have been actively working on emptying ourselves of our ego is and our old identity, so that we can be filled with God and with a spiritual knowledge and understanding. We have been focusing on building a foundation of peace inside of ourselves that allows us to withstand any life lessons. This peace has tremendous power as it also creates our life path and draws in positive and constructive life experiences. We can not underestimate the value of this time of year and the shift that it has brought us spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. Embrace the blessings of this time as our consciousness is lifted towards God, and focus on fostering your relationship with spirit which is also supported by today's Full Moon in Libra.

Tarot energy for this Full Moon cycle: The World- Amazing card!!! Achievement, completion, fulfillment. You've come to the end of a major phase of your life. In these months of changes and healing, we have finally gotten a card that symbolizes the finish line. Perhaps this achievement comes in the form of graduating or receiving that long awaited promotion, or perhaps, you have completed a cycle of healing that you have work to really hard for. Either way, this is a card of major validation if you have felt stuck or that you have been on a never ending road. If you haven't reached this point of completion yet, you are very close! You may still be attaining that degree of understanding that will enable you to reach a higher level and enjoy real success. Think about how far you've come and what you've achieved and look at all of the progress you've made over the past few months. You need to celebrate all your hard work! You are now able to see your place in the world and you have a deeper understanding about your role and impact on a certain environment. Congratulations!

Oracle Message for this Full Moon cycle: Thinker- This is a great message about thinking logically and taking everything at face value because we are always letting our emotions cloud our perception! The ability to reason and strategize is the focus right now. Take the logical path as your calculations will prove to be correct. Everything is obvious and right in front of you so do not over analyze and make yourself confused, when the truth is right there. Things are exactly as they seem and you have all the information you need. Keep it simple and you will have success! Emotions are important and they help us learn our life lessons, but sometimes they can be deceptive and trick us into seeing things that aren't there, or ignoring facts that are right in front of us. Do not indulge in fantasy and do not indulge in fears and worries either, as none of these are valid or true. Focus on your analytical mind, make a solid plan for what you want, and make your move.

Tarot energy for this Waning cycle: Nine of Wands- Another card validating that we are coming to the finish line! This card says that you are so close to reaching the end but at the last minute, you may get hit with a setback. This by no means is a negative card! In fact, I find it positive because many of us will give up or pause in a certain situation when something goes "wrong." We start to question our decisions and whether we're moving in the right direction. This card says 'keep going,' and that this is the last bit of darkness before a wonderful dawn and you can't let a setback get in the way of your wonderful conclusion! It also tells you that you are extremely qualified to be where you are and you must keep pushing forward, trusting that all will work out in the end. When this card comes up it can minimize the shock or the blow of a set back if you know that it's coming. It gives you the opportunity to prepare yourself for a bump in your road so that you can pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and push to the end. Many of us have been working very hard and are getting frustrated and tired because we still aren't seeing results. This card, as well as The World above, validates that our feelings are correct and gives us the stamina and enthusiasm to keep going!

Oracle Message for this Waning cycle: Yin- This is a wonderful message to pair with the Nine of Wands as it is all about trusting and allowing things to come to you. When we receive a message about facing a challenge, we are usually in a active state, trying to prevent or change things from going in a way we don't want them to. This message counsels you to be more accepting of this challenge or setback, as it's God's way of bringing you another stepping stone in your path. Try not to be so resistant!
Being in a receptive state is one of the hardest things to do. We are constantly trying to be in control of our lives and force things to happen when, and how we believe they should. This, however, causes us to force our will over God's will and we fight against the very thing we are trying to achieve. Over the next two weeks, this card councels you to gracefully await what is coming to you and be ready to accept it when it appears. You must consciously allow things to flow to you and be poised to receive the bounty that will be made available! Study the actions of others, gather information, and make space for miracles to appear. As the book states, "be the "shaped," not the "shaper," and you'll see how quickly your dreams manifest."

Thank you for reading! For daily readings and posts, follow us on Instagram at spiritual_beginning. I will be back on May 4th for the New Moon! We wish everyone a very blessed, joyous, and abundant holiday!